Pick Up and Delivery


  • All retail outlets including Thrift stores, and Internet Purchases.
  • Furniture & Appliances, Odds & Ends, Groceries.
  • Construction site management.
  • Unwanted yard waste and junk materials.

A changing season upon us, work loads they do increase.
The CONTRACTOR reflects a moment, then sighs a great relief.
Work trades there are so many, not all of them the same.
Some extremely organized and others are to blame.

The work site becomes a clutter with debris all strewn about.
The waste that needs attention is everywhere through out.
Workers continue on, as though it’s all okay.
The site has hidden dangers, ready to greet their day.

Safety is important the silent guardian of care.
For most will carry her in their minds to make sure life is fair.
Avoiding nails and piled boards hidden along the way.
That’s when the unsuspecting find, the injury they must pay.

Time off work because of this, slows down the work site too.
His labor force now dwindling, which worker should he choose.
Now the CONTRACTOR has to decide, who’s cleaning up this mess.
As workers are busy milling about what would be the best.

The constant reminders of clean-up, enough to drive you mad.
The CONTRACTOR stands at times and begins to scratch his head.
His time has value always, his tasks are not a few.
At the end of a long hard work day he sees what he can do.

Let’s call “Let’s Move It” right away an organizing team.
They’ll bring this site to safety by removing all debris.
His workers freed to do their part in safety and like manner.
Let’s Move It now is on the scene dealing with all that matters.

All protecting agencies who deem the work site safe.
Congratulate the CONTRACTOR for doing what was right.
For calling Let’s Move It to help clean and organize.
Now at the end of each work day he’s sure to win the prize.

Let’s Move It
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